Klärschlamm Energie und Abfall in einem

Fields of activity

We concern ourselves with the power production from waste, waters reorganization, energy and environmental technology and with system integration.

Pyrogastechnik produces energy from waste. On the input we see very problematic wastes such as sewage sludge, scrap tire, hospital wastes, whereby the thermale utilization of sewage sludge by degassing plants are reached and stands in the foreground.

The economy of a degassing plant, which is equipped with a force heat coupling plant (block Heitz power station, BHKW) for the generation of electricity and heat from the resulting gas is reached.

We are occupied with solutions such as BHKW waste heat and solar energy to be used for the drying process of the sewage sludge. Where the production of electricity is secondary we uses the product gas for thermalen sewage sludge drying, or we support large heating needs complementary to solar power production.

We compile logistic concepts around the CO2 output if possible to prevent.

Waters reorganization is the second supporting leg of KS-net-AG. We know about the Hallwilersee which changed over to self fertilization. The lake is still pumped for expensive money atmospheric oxygen, also it will not recover even if they pump for another hundred years oxygen to the lake. The lake will become only healthy if the fertilizing mud sediments at least in the riparian zones is removed. The mud resulting thereby should be used professionally for enrgiy generation and if possible not only tilted on waste dump sites.

Energy and environmental technology is the third supporting leg KS-net-AG. In this specialist area we are occupied with energy saving measures and the production of energy by solar and photvoltaik technology.

System integration is the fourth supporting leg of KS-net-AG. Experience from many years in the IT sector and in the area of SW engineering and application integration has lead the founder to offer his knowledge in this field of activity as an achievement. Existing software systems and applications are to be integrated whenever possible or justifiablely with the applications of other specialist areas to a integrated solution.

Pyrogas -, and biological gas facilities, data from suction dredgers and purification plants are seized automatically in Excel, converted to on-line diagrams and used for automatic reporting of the day to day production. RWS havens, permit the on-line representations of the supplies and discharges of a plant in many regards, and if necessarily the evaluation and based on it the alerting of the responsible persons.

Plants could be integrated and extended with a Web server. Thus will allow for plant representably simply by an Internet Browser, and plants can be queried and controlled that way. If necessary you can control the plant over secured Internet sides remotely . No need to go on-site on Saturday evening or Sunday morning because for each alarm. Comfortably you constitute a seamless picture over the plant from at home and send yourselves the necessary inquiry and control instructions via Internet and Web servers to the process computer the plant gets steered from. And in same way you migth be able to repair from service centers and can later hold yourself up-to-date about the condition of the plant.

Process controls of plants can be supervised and controlled by a superordinate systems via Web services and broker services and with the help of the remote diagnostics you can prevent down time of the plants or at least shortened.

KS-net-AG feels well in the role of the solution architect and wrapper expert.